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easier to learn statistics

Designed for STUDENTS!

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Instructors love MagicStat too.

"I often had to spend valuable time just helping my students get SPSS to work correctly. Once I made the switch to using MagicStat, all those “troubleshooting” problems went away. Using MagicStat, I had a lot more time to help students understand what their obtained results MEANT, rather than how to get them in the first place. For the purpose of my undergraduate course on psychological statistics, MagicStat has been an excellent addition."

Helen Sable, Associate Professor, Psychology Department

Saves Students and Instructors Time

No need to learn complex technology. Intuitive user experience
means students don’t waste time trying to get started.

Simpler experience means fewer questions. MagicStat’s accuracy
and ease-of-use means they spend less time asking questions during
office hours.

“As a new student, learning how to conduct research, I found that I was less stressed using MagicStat versus SPSS.”

Savana Hill, Undergraduate Student

Easy to Use No Matter Your Experience Level

● Easy access via any web browser, anytime, anywhere: Chrome,
FireFox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

● Conduct complex analyses in only 3 simple steps: upload your
data, select the analysis, and choose your variables.

“MagicStat is very easy for beginners compared to SPSS.”

 Meng C., PhD, Student and First Time Instructor, Experimental Psychology

Reduces Errors and Improves Accuracy

No Deep statistical Knowledge needed. MagicStat takes care of all the calculations automatically so students won’t need to do them themselves.

We Simplify everything. Students only need to choose the variables for the analysis they’ve chosen, reducing the risk of errors or confusion.

A recent experiment verified students were faster and more accurate using MagicStat than they were with SPSS

MagicStat doesn't sacrifice capabilities for ease-of-use

We support all commonly used data formats and statistical models.

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